Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services


Creative Design

In house creative design – want to change the visual landscape of the environment? Make headlines?  Utilize the latest technologies?  With our In house advertising design department we give you that unique, one of a kind advertising look.

Print Production

With our large format digital printing accounts – The Outdoor Link offers print production for reasonable rates.  We have been servicing our Out of Home advertising clients for 10+ years.


With our installation team – we transform your outdoor spaces, building exteriors, bus shelters, office lobbies and retail storefronts into standalone advertising.

About The Outdoor Link

We are an innovative outdoor advertising company that was established as a woman owned small business in Las Vegas, Nevada. We quickly expanded in the 2000’s when The Outdoor Link’s Non-Traditional OOH arm was initiated with the core addition of storefront advertising wraps, heron referred to as RetailWraps®. Shortly thereafter, offices in California were established that specialize in acquiring both traditional and non-traditional inventory in the top media markets across the country.

The Outdoor Link now has one of the best traditional bulletins on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, and one of the biggest building wraps in the country in Cleveland, Ohio.  With ever growing and constantly changing inventory, and a team of experienced media sales reps, The Outdoor Link quickly was able to diversify their media offerings and expand their client base, which not only includes working with brands direct, but growing relationships with the top media-buying services, advertising agencies, and strategic planners.

We are an independent OOH vendor who pushes industry guidelines and continually strives to execute successful campaigns. Most importantly, we control the majority of our inventory exclusively and pride ourselves on having some of the biggest and best properties available.  Whether you are a media buyer, planner, marketing executive or a property owner, The Outdoor Link believes in building the relationship with your best interests at the forefront.